Our Story


Blankets of Hope started two years ago as a simple family project.

As brothers Mike and Nick Fiorito were commuting to their unfulfilling jobs, they passed by the same homeless people freezing on the streets of NYC.

But day after day, they did nothing about it. Their endless to-do lists would take over, and they were always "too busy" to help.

Finally, during a sleepless night, Nick came to Mike with an idea that was both practical and thoughtful: "What if we just gave them blankets?"

The next day, they set up a simple GoFundMe page telling their story.

They raised enough money from friends and family to purchase 100 purple blankets (they chose purple because the color represented royalty.)

To add a personal touch, they attached a handwritten note to every blanket, each with a simple but powerful message: "We believe in you."

With the help of their girlfriends and their sister, they handed out all 100 Blankets of Hope that Winter!


The brothers had so much fun that they wanted to 10x the project the following year.

With the help of social media, in Winter 2017-18 the brothers were able to raise over $15,000 and handed out 1,000 blankets and handwritten notes...

Blankets of Hope became a country-wide movement! 


This Winter, they want to continue their 10x trend... they're shooting for 10,000 Blankets of Hope!

But they can't do it alone. To learn more about how you can help, click here!